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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hi, fabulous person!

Let's do the important stuff right away.

First, thank you so much for writing me a story! I am already thrilled you're doing it, and I'm excited to read whatever you come up with. Don't feel like you have to follow the prompts I gave -- I want you to have fun writing it. And the same goes for this letter. this is your story, so write it how you want. With the possible exception of the next most important thing.

Which is that no matter which fandom you choose, I love banter, and hopeful endings, and pining, and reunions. If you write me any of those things, I will be yours forever.

And although my choices have potential to be romantic relationships, I am not really a fan of extreme sappiness. I mean, I am entirely onboard with world-ending love, but I just like it to be revealed through things like insulting each other, or doing stupid and dangerous things to save each other. And not unrelatedly, if there is sex (which there totally does not have to be!), I kinda like it when it's something they have fun with. And probably, given the characters I've chosen, something that they talk and tease each other for at least some of it. I'm not into anything hugely kinky, but up against a wall is always a win.

Ocean's 11

I love stories that explore how Danny and Rusty met. In my head, they grew up together, and have always been an essential part of each other's lives. A story about that would make me happy, but I'm completely open to a different interpretation, too.

Stories where they finally accept that they're probably not going to retire, or settle down happily to married life are also my favourite, as are stories where one of them has to get the other out of trouble (and then mocks them relentlessly), or where other people underestimate them and their combined awesome. If you are fantastic enough to be able to write complicated plot-type things, that would be great, but I'd be just as happy with something low-key, and either way, I'd like their relationship to be at the centre of it.

The Newsroom

As the prompt says, anything with Will and Mac. Except the wedding, which, honestly, I find to be the least interesting thing about their future. I love stories about how much Will loves mac, so something from his perspective would be fabulous (though obviously not necessary!). And like I said in my prompt, some recognition that everything between them won't just be fixed over night. But mostly, I love their relationship for the way they banter and argue, and how Mac is the one person who routinely calls Will on his bullshit. Getting that dynamic is really all I want. And maybe to see Will actually be happy! This might be my one exception to the sap rule, because we've heard so much about what a good boyfriend Will is. But even there, I'd like them to stay Will and Mac. Just with maybe more presents and making out. :D

I also love Don and Sloan and Charlie and Leona, so if you enjoy writing them, I'd be really happy if they showed up.

Farseer Trilogy

I honestly don't have anything else to say than what was in the optional details! Sorry! I would just like them to be together! I will be full of joy, if that's something you can make happen.

New Girl

And this, seriously, you can pretty much do anything you want with. I love every single one of the main characters, so if you write any of them, you cannot fail to delight me! I love CeCe and Schmidt, and CeCe and Jess, and Nick and Schmidt (the last two in non-romantic ways), so if you prefer to focus on a specific relationship, those three would be great. I also adore Winston, and I would love to see his relationships with the other characters explored a bit more, since it's often the thing the show does least. And while I said I liked simple plots, I really am totally cool with something whacky and crazy. If Jess tries to put on a nativity play in which they all must star, for example, I would love you.

That is all! Really, mostly I just want you to have a good time writing it.