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Title: An Unusual Accord
Author: [personal profile] laurificus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,206
Summary: "I was hoping Earthly Ambassadors would be more of a symbolic title," Dean says, not for the first time.

Notes: Written for [profile] amindaya for [profile] spn_j2_xmas. Merry Christmas! I hope you like the story, and many apologies for the late posting.

Thanks to [personal profile] mollyamory for betaing and titling, and generally making this story exist. And thanks to the mods for being so lovely and patient. ♥


An Unusual Accord )
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Oh, look. Post-707 reunionating schmoop. Who could ever have predicted such a thing!

Title: Direct Amends
Author: [personal profile] laurificus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: Adult
Word count: 2,532
Summary: If Dean has to put his trust in something, it's going to be them, together.

Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] mollyamory for betaing and titling. All remaining mistakes are mine.


Sam's laughing as they walk through the door. )
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Conversational Winchester
by [personal profile] laurificus, Sam/Dean, PG, 2749 words
"I spent three months getting your soul back. It was supposed to make you better company."

Written for the [community profile] silverbullets lightning challenge, for the prompt affectionate threats/insults. Thank you to [personal profile] mollyamory for looking it over.


Conversational Winchester )
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Near Miss
by [personal profile] laurificus, PG, Sam/Dean, 1355 words
There's no one he trusts more than Sam; no one else he wants at his back.

Written for the [community profile] ohsam commentfic meme, and [personal profile] glovered's prompt, "Sam does not want to be comforted. Dean is like, yeah, well, I don't want to make you feel better." My tendencies for comfort might have won out, a tiny bit. :)

Thanks to [personal profile] mollyamory for looking it over. Any remaining mistakes are, as always, entirely mine.


'Next time, I'll ease us back in with something a little less deadly. A pack of demonically possessed werwolves at the full moon, maybe.' )
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I believe a theme of stories I will write this summer is going to be SAM IS AWESOME OMG! ALSO, DEAN LOVES HIM! Just preparing you, in case that is not your thing. *g*


A Guy Falls Down a Hole
by [personal profile] laurificus, Sam/Dean, 2,549 words
Dean's trying not to feel too glad. Doesn't seem right when the world's maybe gone to shit again.

For [personal profile] mollyamory, who asked for one thing, and got...this. And still she betaed, for which I thank her. All remaining mistakes are mine.


A Guy Falls Down a Hole )
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Guys, this is truly the sappiest thing I've ever written. I do not even care.

Physical Therapy
by [profile] luzdeestrellas, Sam and Dean, 1,205 words
Sam puts all his years of pissed-off little brother experience into his scowl. "Listen," he says, "I've had a very hard--5 years or so."

For [personal profile] mollyamory for services to rightness over the years.


Physical therapy )
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See, you thought I was kidding when I said there was fic. But no! The observant among you might notice that I have written this story 66 million times before, but whatever. I will most likely write it that many times again, until canon steps up and gives me a little happiness. Though I should also note that I am several eps behind, so this is probably not canon-compliant in any way whatsoever. To that, I also say, whatever. If I wait until I catch up to post it, season 6 will probably be finished. Also, I have Sports Night fic to write, and having this sitting around unposted is just letting me procrastinate on that.

The Only Thing We'll Hit Is Sunset
by [personal profile] laurificus, PG, 2,617 words
It's a year and half after Dean comes back from hell that Sam gets it.

Written for angelgazing, whose birthday was about forty years ago. She wanted name-calling and kissing, and since that's pretty much the only thing I ever want to write about them, I complied. On a delay, obviously.

Title taken from Josh Ritter. I'm pretty sure there's nothing to warn for here, except the schmoop. *g*

The Only Thing We'll Hit Is Sunset )
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