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2013-10-01 10:42 pm

Fic: One Complication Less (Sam/Dean, Adult)

Oh, final five minutes of season 8. How you are the gift that keeps on giving to me. Written for [profile] salt_burn_porn, in response to [profile] cherie_morte's prompt, "But this has to be the last time."

One Complication Less (2156 words) by Laura
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

"And in the third place, we're going to have sex."

You can also read it Here on LJ/DW )
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2013-09-16 08:08 pm

Ficlet - Saying Something Stupid (Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

This story was nearly called Near Death Experiences and Incest. Not coincidentally, that could also be the show title.

Saying Something Stupid
Sam/Dean, 666 words

'You're really tall,' Dean says. )
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2013-09-15 06:29 pm

Ficlet - Already Taken (Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

It's day 3, and I'm only on season 2. Is anyone surprised by this? Regardless, here is today's ficlet, set after All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2. (The ep that still wins for my favourite Sam speech ever. Probably.)

Already Taken
Sam/Dean, 469 words

Dean keeps them driving, right into the new day. )
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2013-09-14 04:18 pm

Ficlet - Keepsake (Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

Generally, I don't really enjoy writing for past seasons, but I love seeing so many other people write a story for each season, so here goes. Set during Faith.

Sam/Dean, 380 words

Sam can't lose him. )
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2013-06-09 07:04 pm

Fic - The Direct Approach (Supernatural, Sam/Dean, PG)

Good Lord, I have such fic posting angst. How is it done these days! Does anyone still read on LJ? Is crossposting still a thing? Where does AO3 fit in? I have been pondering these things for days. So fuck it. Here is a fic. I have written it precisely 70 or 80 times before, but who cares. This is not the day where I am over all the speech-making and declaring of 8x23.


Title: The Direct Approach
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,840
Summary: All the things Sam's done, and this, right here, might be the scariest.

Notes: For [personal profile] mollyamory, who is always wrong about everything. Hopefully, this will be some small consolation.

The Direct Approach )
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2012-05-11 05:35 pm

Fic: Planned Acts (Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Adult)

Title: Planned Acts
Author: [personal profile] laurificus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
rating: Adult
Word count: 1,244
Summary: "I figure I've got at least forty-five minutes of optimism in me."

Notes: Coda to 721, so spoilers for that. Thank you, as always, to [personal profile] mollyamory for the beta.

Probably Sam's more drunk than he thought, to say all that. )
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2012-03-29 05:18 pm

Fic: Solid Ground (Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

Solid Ground
by [personal profile] laurificus, 2171 words, PG
"Don't look down," Sam says, but it's too late.

Written for Silverbullets, for the prompt fear of heights. Unbetaed and...a tiny bit rushed.

Spoilers for the latest eps. I would also like to offer the obligatory warning for schmoop. And in a bonus warning, beware of anvils!


Solid Ground )
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2012-02-28 10:51 pm

Fic: Extenuating Circumstances (SPN, Sam/Dean)

Extenuating Circumstances
by [personal profile] laurificus, 828 words, Sam/Dean
While Sam was out, Dean was worrying about him, and possibly having epiphanies.

For [personal profile] de_nugis, who had a birthday this week, and is generally awesome. You should all blame her for the uptick in schmoop around here this month.

there are bodies piling up in Suffolk, Virginia )
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2012-02-14 11:16 pm

Fic: Hallmark Moment (Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts on my profile page! They were a lovely surprise when I woke up this morning.

And here is a gift from me. Though how welcome you find it will depend entirely on how much you appreciate Sam and Dean schmoop. :D


Hallmark Moment
by [personal profile] laurificus, 1,131 words, Sam/Dean, PG
Dean's not actually pissed off that they don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Obviously.

No spoilers. Set in some vaguely defined future of happiness and joy. Thank you to [personal profile] mollyamory for her remarkable beta skills.

Hallmark Moment )
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2012-02-13 01:06 am

Fic: Reality Dosing (Supernatural, Sam/Dean, PG)

Reality Dosing
By [personal profile] laurificus, 1782 words, Sam/Dean
Dean's laughter has made him greedy, made him recklessly desperate for all the necessary, hidden parts of his brother he hasn't seen in so long.

Here there be spoilers for 714 and maybe some schmoop. Thank you to [personal profile] de_nugis for the awesome and speedy beta. All remaining mistakes are mine.

They've been on the road for half an hour when they stop. )
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2011-12-28 01:32 am

Fic: An Unusual Accord (Supernatural, Sam/Dean, PG)

Title: An Unusual Accord
Author: [personal profile] laurificus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,206
Summary: "I was hoping Earthly Ambassadors would be more of a symbolic title," Dean says, not for the first time.

Notes: Written for [profile] amindaya for [profile] spn_j2_xmas. Merry Christmas! I hope you like the story, and many apologies for the late posting.

Thanks to [personal profile] mollyamory for betaing and titling, and generally making this story exist. And thanks to the mods for being so lovely and patient. ♥


An Unusual Accord )
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2011-11-17 11:18 pm

fic: Direct Amends (Supernatural, Sam/Dean, adult)

Oh, look. Post-707 reunionating schmoop. Who could ever have predicted such a thing!

Title: Direct Amends
Author: [personal profile] laurificus
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: Adult
Word count: 2,532
Summary: If Dean has to put his trust in something, it's going to be them, together.

Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] mollyamory for betaing and titling. All remaining mistakes are mine.


Sam's laughing as they walk through the door. )
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2011-09-17 03:03 am

Fic: Conversational Winchester, Supernatural, Sam/Dean

Conversational Winchester
by [personal profile] laurificus, Sam/Dean, PG, 2749 words
"I spent three months getting your soul back. It was supposed to make you better company."

Written for the [community profile] silverbullets lightning challenge, for the prompt affectionate threats/insults. Thank you to [personal profile] mollyamory for looking it over.


Conversational Winchester )
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2011-08-08 11:04 pm

Fic: Near Miss (Supernatural, Sam/Dean)

Near Miss
by [personal profile] laurificus, PG, Sam/Dean, 1355 words
There's no one he trusts more than Sam; no one else he wants at his back.

Written for the [community profile] ohsam commentfic meme, and [personal profile] glovered's prompt, "Sam does not want to be comforted. Dean is like, yeah, well, I don't want to make you feel better." My tendencies for comfort might have won out, a tiny bit. :)

Thanks to [personal profile] mollyamory for looking it over. Any remaining mistakes are, as always, entirely mine.


'Next time, I'll ease us back in with something a little less deadly. A pack of demonically possessed werwolves at the full moon, maybe.' )
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2011-06-03 07:13 pm

fic: A Guy Falls Down a Hole (Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Adult)

I believe a theme of stories I will write this summer is going to be SAM IS AWESOME OMG! ALSO, DEAN LOVES HIM! Just preparing you, in case that is not your thing. *g*


A Guy Falls Down a Hole
by [personal profile] laurificus, Sam/Dean, 2,549 words
Dean's trying not to feel too glad. Doesn't seem right when the world's maybe gone to shit again.

For [personal profile] mollyamory, who asked for one thing, and got...this. And still she betaed, for which I thank her. All remaining mistakes are mine.


A Guy Falls Down a Hole )
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2011-03-11 01:00 pm
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Fic: Physical Therapy (Supernatural, G, Sam and Dean)

Guys, this is truly the sappiest thing I've ever written. I do not even care.

Physical Therapy
by [profile] luzdeestrellas, Sam and Dean, 1,205 words
Sam puts all his years of pissed-off little brother experience into his scowl. "Listen," he says, "I've had a very hard--5 years or so."

For [personal profile] mollyamory for services to rightness over the years.


Physical therapy )
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2010-02-25 01:21 pm

Fic: The Only Thing We'll Hit Is Sunset (Sam/Dean, PG)

See, you thought I was kidding when I said there was fic. But no! The observant among you might notice that I have written this story 66 million times before, but whatever. I will most likely write it that many times again, until canon steps up and gives me a little happiness. Though I should also note that I am several eps behind, so this is probably not canon-compliant in any way whatsoever. To that, I also say, whatever. If I wait until I catch up to post it, season 6 will probably be finished. Also, I have Sports Night fic to write, and having this sitting around unposted is just letting me procrastinate on that.

The Only Thing We'll Hit Is Sunset
by [personal profile] laurificus, PG, 2,617 words
It's a year and half after Dean comes back from hell that Sam gets it.

Written for angelgazing, whose birthday was about forty years ago. She wanted name-calling and kissing, and since that's pretty much the only thing I ever want to write about them, I complied. On a delay, obviously.

Title taken from Josh Ritter. I'm pretty sure there's nothing to warn for here, except the schmoop. *g*

The Only Thing We'll Hit Is Sunset )